Who is a Typical Client?

Clients often define themselves as creative, thoughtful and intentional people who ask the big questions and lead interesting lives.

Many times our clients are not motivated primarily by finances. They do what they need to secure their financial future and make a positive impact with their money on their families, their communities, and sometimes the nation and the world. I gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction providing valuable, tangible benefits through our work, giving clients the freedom to accomplish more of their life’s work.

I feel most comfortable working with progressive, busy professionals, retirees, as well as individuals and families experiencing extraordinary or unexpected changes in their lives. Many feel disenfranchised and alienated by the financial establishment. I understand their feelings of skepticism about the business world and in particular, the financial system. They are tired of feeling vulnerable and pressured by financial advisors focused on selling financial products and services. My clients want someone who will put them first, focusing on their needs, goals, and values. They are looking for independent and objective advice, without conflicts of interest. They are also looking to free themselves of the day-to-day responsibility of dealing with the details of their financial lives, in an increasing complex financial world. I offer them ways to do the things they want or need to, but might otherwise procrastinate or avoid entirely.

My Clients Often Embrace Several of These Core Values and Beliefs:

  • Family and friends are the top priority in life. Their love and support is essential to a quality life.
  • Balanced Lifestyle: Allowing time for personal & professional goals, recreation, leisure, and relationships.
  • Financial Security & Freedom: Low debt, adequate cash flow to support a chosen lifestyle, sufficient resources to have quality of life choices.
  • Optimism: Maintaining a proactive and positive attitude.
  • Spirituality: Faith in more than what can be rationalized or proven.
  • Integrity: Developing trust and honesty in business & personal relationships.
  • Competence: Based on knowledge, training and experience; willing to accept new challenges.
  • Compassion: Seek to understand and appreciate the feelings of others, non-judgmental.
  • Responsibility: Being accountable for our choices and the impacts they have today and in the future, striving to be reliable and dependable to everyone we interact with.
  • Reputation: The only real legacy we create.
  • Authentic: Living according to our values and beliefs.
  • Physical and Emotional Health: Lifestyles reflecting good choices & activities.

Who My Clients Are Is Much More Important Than What They Do

They are often individuals that are passionate and committed to their beliefs and the causes they support. While I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients, there are several groups that I am frequently drawn to.

Individuals and Couples Approaching, Entering or Enjoying Retirement

Looking forward to enjoying the fruits of their careers and anticipate more time with family and friends. They are planning lifestyles filled with their favorite leisure activities that have often been postponed for many years. These clients are seeking a secure sustainable income and conservative investments that will allow them to enjoy the things they are passionate about. They are concerned about defining their legacy for future generations and helping their children build meaningful lives. They want to balance the need for lifelong income with strategies to maintain the purchasing power of their investments. Lastly, they want the confidence of knowing they have a solid plan for remaining independent.

Mid-Career Professionals

Time pressured individuals eager to ensure that they are on track to achieve the lifestyle goals that provide their motivation for success. Or, they may be considering a new career and need the assurance that it is a financially viable choice. They are often seeking to prudently accumulate the financial resources needed to make these goals a reality, as well as create the retirement they envision. They struggle with the need to balance their professional commitments with personal lives. One way of achieving this balance is not to manage their entire financial future alone.

Individuals and Families Experiencing Extraordinary or Unexpected Changes In Their Lives

These clients need and deserve the support and guidance to adjust to their new lifestyles. These changes might include rebuilding their lives following a divorce, the passing of a spouse, or the challenges presented by recently inherited wealth. Major changes like these create the need to take a fresh look at their goals and priorities, confirm what really matters to them, and ensure that their financial resources enhance their security and quality of their lives. This frequently means addressing new or different income needs. It also means an opportunity for lower stress that comes from their investments receiving the competent and professional management they desire.