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You have finally reached a Certified Financial Planner and Investment Advisor Representative where there are no product sales and no commissions. As a fee-only certified financial planner and registered investment advisor representative we don’t sell any financial products, charge commissions, or receive any hidden fees. Our clients pay a fee for our services, similar to working with an attorney or CPA. When was the last time you found yourself talking to a financial advisor that wasn’t trying to sell you something?

For many of our clients they save most of their annual fee through careful tax planning, cost effective investment management, and access to low  cost providers of  financial services. Remember, people that develop a comprehensive financial plan usually achieve their goals in 1/3 less time than people without a plan.

As our name implies, we go beyond traditional financial planning by putting your lifestyle before your money. We take the time to identify, understand, and prioritize the goals and values that are important to you. This vision for your lifestyle becomes the core element of the financial advisory services we provide.

Financial advisory services should not be just about the money. Through more than 25 years of banking, investing and financial planning experience I have seen people focus on  accumulating additional wealth. Frequently, one of two things happened. It was never enough or they didn’t experience the happiness they expected. You need to go beyond the numbers and understand how to employ your financial resources to bring you closer to the lifestyle that supports long term happiness.

We also believe that selecting the right advisor contributes to a successful relationship and the confidence you have in your financial future.  We provide objective and independent answers to your questions, guiding you through life’s transitions. Your best interests will never be influenced by hidden agendas or hidden costs.

  • Financial Planning
  • Goal Setting & Values Clarification
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Personal Net-Worth Analysis
  • Employee Benefit Utilization Review
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