Lifestyle Financial Planning

The comprehensive process of organizing, evaluating & utilizing your financial resources to help you define and achieve your chosen lifestyle. Your plan consists of up to ten parts:

Goal Setting & Values Clarification Goals and values tend to remain just ideas unless written down in a clear and concise fashion. We will use a series of exercises based on my corporate experience and specialized professional training to accomplish this. I will help you identify, understand and track what matters most to you.

Cash Flow Analysis Evaluates your use of income in the areas of debt reduction, budget planning and establishing savings.

Personal Net-Worth Analysis Evaluates your balance sheet (assets and liabilities). Many people are surprised by their Net Worth because they've never seen it in black and white.

Employee Benefit Utilization Review A review of the benefits provided by your employer to identify opportunities to expand your usage of these cost effective resources.

Insurance Needs Analysis Most clients have been oversold insurance by insurance agents. The most important concern is to make sure you have the appropriate types of insurance and coverages to protect your family's future, your assets and your income. There is nothing worse than to expose these precious aspects of your life to unintentional or unexpected risk.

Income Tax Evaluation A thorough examination of your current tax scenario helping you minimizing your tax liability. I also help identify and create opportunities to redirect any cash flow savings into your retirement accounts. Your accountant will participate in reviewing these recommendations prior to implementation.

Education Planning It's no small task to pay for a college education. I calculate the monthly savings or lump-sum investment needed to meet your goal, as well as help you select the education plan best suited to save for a future education goal.

Retirement Planning I help you answer the question, "How am I doing?"...and even more important, "What more can I/we do" Evaluation of your current retirement savings, and alternative strategies to help ensure greater financial security throughout retirement. I will assist you in building the financial resources needed to generate income for a memorable retirement.

Estate and Survivor Planning We will review your legacy choices to allow you to leave what you want, to whom you want, when you want, while working to minimize taxes and maintain maximum control. We will make sure your health care choices and your values are respected. For clients who wish to leave a legacy that represents their values, I help create a thoughtful, flexible estate plan to reflect those values. The plan will be reviewed, and the necessary documents prepared, by appropriate legal counsel.

Investment Advisory Services provide the day-to-day oversight of your investments, and consists of the following eight elements:

Personal Investor Preferences Profile Identifies individual investment needs and objectives, time horizon, preferences and investing attitudes.

Investment Policy Statement Documents how your portfolio will be managed, establishes guidelines for asset allocation and investment selection, as well as performance expectations.

Portfolio Construction Your Investor Preferences Profile and Investment Policy Statement will guide our selection of specific investments we will recommend for your portfolio.

Portfolio Implementation Once the investments have been selected for your portfolio we will execute the transactions needed to implement those selections.

Monthly Statements You will receive monthly statements of your portfolio showing starting and ending balances, account activity, and each investment contained in your portfolio.

Quarterly Performance Reports Evaluates the performance of your portfolio and each individual investment.

Semi-Annual Portfolio Review Meetings In-depth discussion of your holdings, giving you a "view from 30,000 feet" of strategy and

Annual Portfolio Rebalancing To ensure your asset allocation guides are maintained.