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Lifestyle Financial Planning Clients...
    Creating your Lifestyle Financial Plan is a team effort and takes about 60 days from start to finish
Written Set Of Goals & Values
    Identifies and clarifies what matters most to you, forming the core vision for your Lifestyle Financial Plan.
Lifestyle Financial Plan
    A comprehensive written financial plan tailored to helping you turn your dreams into reality based on your goals, values and priorities. Up to nine areas will be addressed depending on your specific needs, including:
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Personal Net-Worth Analysis
    • Employee Benefit Utilization Review
    • Income Tax Analysis
    • Insurance Needs Analysis
    • Education Funding Needs
    • Retirement Planning
    • Estate and Survivor Planning
    • Investment Portfolio Review
Lifestyle Action Plan
    A step-by-step list of actions required to implement your plan and the support to get them accomplished.
Monthly Progress Reviews
    We will review your progress monthly, by phone, to make sure your Lifestyle Financial Plan and Lifestyle Action Plan are not gathering dust.
Semi-Annual Plan Review Meetings
    In-person or telephone reviews of the tangible progress made towards your financial goals.
Written Annual Plan Updates:
    Essential revisions to ensure your Lifestyle Financial Plan stays current, and that changes in your financial resources, goals and priorities are accurately reflected. You annual renewal fee includes an updated Lifestyle Financial Plan, revised Lifestyle Action Plan, and Semi-Annual Implementation Reviews.

Investment Advisory Clients:

Written Personal Investor Preferences Profile
    Includes your individual investment needs and objectives, time horizon, preferences and attitude toward investing.
Investment Policy Statement
    Documents how your portfolio will be managed, establishes guidelines for asset allocation and investment selection, as well as performance expectations.
Quarterly Performance Reports
    Evaluates the performance of your portfolio and each individual investment.
Semi-Annual Portfolio Review Meetings
    In-depth discussion of your holdings, giving you a “view from 30,000 feet” of your portfolio's strategy and structure.
Annual Portfolio Rebalancing
    To ensure your asset allocation guides are maintained.

All Clients:

Unlimited Access
    By telephone and e-mail. Every attempt is made to return telephone calls and e-mails the day they are received.
E-Mail Updates
    E-Tips and E-Bulletins containing timely reminders, market commentary, economic & financial news, educational articles, etc.
Coordination With Other Advisors
    Working closely with your attorney and accountant for any legal and tax assistance needed. Clients who do not have an attorney or CPA will have access to my network of professional associates who can provide the necessary expertise.

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